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  1. a large Frankfurter (type of German sausage).

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Bockwurst is a kind of German sausage. It was invented in 1889 by restaurant owner R. Scholtz of Berlin . It is one of the most popular varieties within Germany, and can also sometimes be found abroad. The sausage is traditionally made from ground veal and pork (tending more towards veal, unlike bratwurst). In modern Germany, however, it is made from different types of ground meat, such as pork, lamb, turkey, chicken and in rare cases even from horse meat. In Northern Germany there is also a version of bockwurst which is made from fish. Bockwurst is flavored with salt, white pepper and paprika. Other spices, such as chives and parsley, are often also added and in Germany itself bockwurst is often smoked as well. Bockwurst was originally eaten with bock beer and it is usually served with mustard. A natural casing sausage, it is usually cooked by simmering although it may also be grilled. When thoroughly cooked, its casing usually splits open. Ideally, one stops cooking just before that occurs because the split casing may look unappetizing and the sausage may then lose flavour to the cooking water.


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